Springdale Opens New School “Without a Hitch”

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The Springdale School District has not only added a new middle school but they have also hired two new principals from outside the district.

Despite those changes, the district thinks the first day of school went off without a hitch.

"It's a unique year that we would hire two principals from outside the district so that in itself is unique," said Springdale Communications Director, Rick Schaeffer. "hen, to hire one of them and put them in a new school is also unique."

Even though the district made several adjustments made this year, Sonora Middle School's Principal, Dr. Shawna Lyons said other than a few anxious students, the kids are settling in well.

"We think we had a couple of sixth graders who were a little nervous at first just because this is a new experience and a bigger building and obviously a bigger setting,” said Dr. Lyons. “They were really nervous about their locker combinations."

Sonora Middle School still has room to improve; filling the empty library with books is one of the school’s top priorities.

"Now that our official name is Sonora Middle School, those got bar-coded and should be shipped sometime around September 9,” Dr. Lyons said, referring to the library books. “We look forward to our media center opening. In the meantime, we have ensured that every classroom has been well equipped with classroom libraries so that kids have choices on books."

The Springdale School Board finalized the school's name during a meeting Tuesday, August 14. Because the school’s name was just finalized, there are not any signs or banners with Sonora Middle School's name; but, the district does expect to have some up very soon.

The school is also waiting on their gym floor to be finished. 

Now that the school has officially been named, students are voting on a mascot. Right now, the Spartan is in first place and the scorpion is a close second.

Sonora Middle School Principal, Dr. Lyons wants to remind parents not to drop their kids off before 7:30 a.m.

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