Bella Vista Golf Series Goes to the Berksdale Golf Club

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Bet you didn't know you could go cliff diving in Bella Vista. 

Number 11 at Berksdale Golf Club offers a severe drop off on the tee box.

PGA Professional Andy Mar says you’ll enjoy the view.

"We've got roughly a 150-200 foot drop off. It's kinda nice when you hit your tee shot. It stays in the air forever," said Mar.

You'll want to stick around and enjoy the beautiful view from the tee box.

"It's placed 398 yards from the back tees. It's a fairly simple hole. It's got a nice drop off."

Mar says two pars and a beautiful view is a perfect combination.

"It's just entertaining you get a drop off. You can get it so high in the air it looks like you could run down there and catch it before it lands. A lot of golfers love this hole because the course is pretty flat. This is the one big elevation change."

Bring a camera when you play Number 11 at Berksdale because you'll want to remember this one.