Bulldog Fans Come Out for First Game

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Despite Fear of Isaac Remnants Bulldog Fans Come out For First Game


The Fayetteville Bulldogs face off against Memphis University School, a tough opponent.  But Fans say they have no doubt in their team.


"I think it will be a good benchmark especial, well, I'm pretty sure we will beat them and if they do it will get a lot more fans to come to the game and it will set a better goal for the rest of the season," says a Fayetteville Bulldog fan.


"Memphis is going to be an awesome opponent, but Fayetteville is ranked first in the state preseason and so we are really looking for a really positive outcome," says Paul Paschal.


Fayetteville is the defending 7A state champs in which they plan to stay that way, but this year they go up against different teams, something fans aren't too worried about.



"I think its something we seen before it happened, change happens , I don't think it going to be much of a difficulty for our team," says Eliott Wood.


Fans say Fayetteville has a strong team this year with three players already committed to the University of Arkansas.


"We have austin allen, he's already committed to Arkansas along with Brooks ellis, I think  its going to be a game," says Paschal.



"I think that's so incredible, that's so cool that just proves that Fayetteville High school is just a great school with our sports and it shows we are state champs, so that's cool," adds Madison Watkins.