Tailgaters Started Bright and Early for Razorbacks

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Hundreds of tents lined the University of Arkansas campus near Razorback Stadium on Saturday as Hogs fans gathered to tailgate for the first game of the season.

Some of the fans got started at sun up, and some of their tailgating parties were pretty elaborate.

“You start setting up and then you get your TV going and you sit down and watch game day and just wait for everybody to show up, but it takes about an hour and a half to get it all set up,” one fan said.

The Razorback football team has always had a loyal following, and this year was no exception.

“Yes, absolutely. There is nothing that could stop us. We will be here, no matter what. If they are playing a game, we are going to be here.”

Hog calls were coming from left and right. And what’s tailgating without food?

Smokers, grills and pounds and pounds of food is what some say is the main ingredient to a successful tailgate party.

“We are playing the Gamecocks, so I’ve got about 100-150 pounds of Tyson chicken and a very good cook cooking that. We got our grill redone, had it made right for chicken.”

Tailgating is underway at Razorback Stadium for pre-game fun before the Arkansas Razorbacks' season opener.

The Razorbacks face Jacksonville State. Kickoff is at 6 p.m. at the stadium at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville.