Kids Enjoy Last Bit of Summer on Labor Day

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Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer, which means local pools close up shop for the season.

Children at Creekmore Park in Fort Smith soaked up the final days of summer on Monday. “Just have fun and glad that school's out,” said 14-year-old Dakota Cecil.

Cecil and more than 100 other kids packed the pool for Labor Day.

“They just love to get wet and have fun,” said Samira Price, a parent.

The pool at Creekmore Park will close after Labor Day until next year.

“They want to get that last swim in before winter time,” said Michael Norwood, the pool’s facility manager.

Kids enjoy the water while some parents prefer to avoid the sun.

“It's hot, girl,” said Price. “See I'm under this shade.”

A thermometer at the pool says the temperature reached close to 110 degrees.

“It's hot,” said Price. “I'm ready for the cool weather and football. Go Hogs!”

Some say they are sad to see summer come to a close.

“It's happy sad, you know fun when it comes and fun when it goes,” said Norwood.

With cooler temperatures on the way and school back in session on Tuesday, kids enjoy the holiday while it lasts.

The Wilson Pool in Fayetteville is already closed for the season. The Splash Pad at Lawrence Plaza in Bentonville is open through Sept. 16, according to their website.