Pinterest Interest: Labor Day Games, Grills, and Gadgets

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Labor Day is here and as many head out to lakes or barbecues Monday there are some great tips on Pinterest.  This pin discusses grill cleaning options and tips.  It may, after all, have been awhile since that Fourth of July barbecue. One handy tip this pin suggests, if your grill brush has disappeared since that last barbecue you might try aluminum foil instead.

If you’re looking to stay entertained at outdoor outings, this pin that lists 10 Fun Barbecue Games is a great addition to your outing.

These games include having a contest to see who can use toilet paper to make the best mummy, potato sack races, or a fun alternative a watermelon roll, and of course it includes the classics like three legged races and capture the flag.

Several local areas are also allowing for a “Fireworks Make-up Day” since the Fourth of July was filled with burn bans across Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley.  That's why we found this pin for aspiring photographers.  If you're taking pictures of fireworks or any of your labor day fun, make sure you have enough batteries and memory cards.

Another tip is to include people in the shot, showing the silhouettes of fans watching the fireworks makes for a great photo.  It’s also recommended that photographers do not use flash because it could ruin the effect in the image, and take a longer exposure to catch various stages of fireworks.

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