Travelers Pay Higher Gas Prices Labor Day Weekend

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Drivers deal with pain at the pump this Labor Day weekend. AAA reports gas prices reached the highest they have ever been this time of year.

“Too high, way too high,” said Cherilyn Fowler, a driver.

“I think they could be a lot lower,” said Josh Daniel, a traveler.

Nationally gas prices average about $3.80 per gallon, which is nearly 20-cents more than this time last year.

“The majority of us can't afford them, you know if they keep going up,” said Allen Bruce, a driver. “The closer we got to this weekend I noticed they were starting to go up.”

According to AAA, gas in Northwest Arkansas averages about $3.67 a gallon, which is up more than 30-cents from a month ago. In Fort Smith it is $3.66 a gallon, up almost 30-cents from a month ago.

Officials say Hurricane Isaac forced some gulf coast refineries to shut down, which sent prices up.

The experts expect prices to start coming down this month, good news for drivers.

“God I wish we had horses and buggies still,” said Fowler.