Parents Search for Best Bargains at Consignment Sale

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For the past decade, the Growing Kids Sale has helped mom and dad find a good bargain on clothes for their little ones.

Thursday was the first day the consignment sale was open for the public. 

It's a day Amy Maurer said she wouldn't miss.

"It's a great place for bargains," said Maurer. "I mean look at this stuff! That dress is four dollars. Isn't that just precious?"

The whole consignment sale is organized by three women: Faith Beeman, Kim Hoelzeman and Heather Wasson.

"Oh I`m just so grateful for the benefit that it can be to the community," said Beeman. "They are really able to get their children`s next season wardrobe for a fraction of the cost."

It's not just clothes. You can also buy books, backpacks, toys, video games and much more at the sale. And you'll pay at least 70% less than what you would pay if you bought the same thing at retail value, according to Beeman.

The bargain is something shoppers say is a huge relief in today's economy.

"I'm going to school full-time and my husband's working two jobs so it just makes it a lot easier for [getting] prices that are in your price range," said Chelsea McKinney, who was at the sale today with her 3-year-old son. "And you get what you want."

The Democratic National Convention talk is all about the economy improving over the last four years. And statistics with the U.S. Department of Labor show that could be the case.

In 2009, the unemployment rate hovered around 10%. This month, it's at 8.3%.

But even so, Maurer said it's always worth stretching your money when you can.

"Oh yeah, I mean shop whether the economy's good or not," said Maurer. "It's always good to save a dollar."

Any leftover items from the sale will be donated to various local charities. The majority of items will be given to Abilities Unlimited.

For more information about the Growing Kids Sale, CLICK HERE.

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