Suspect Arrested In Fatal Burglary Case

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Fayetteville police have arrested a man they say was involved in a burglary that left one man dead and another shot.

Darreon Matthews, 22, was arrested Thursday on suspicion of aggravated residential burglary and engaging in violent group activity. He remains in the Washington County Detention Center.

"We knew at the time that one of the gentleman, we had suspected he was involved but some evidence was left at the scene in the form of a hat. We were able to match that, take some DNA Samples off that and compare to Mr. Matthews and that placed him at the crime scene," says Sgt. Craig Stout, Fayetteville Police.

Police said Matthews entered a home on 232 N. Olive St. in Fayetteville in November 2011 with two other black males with the intention of robbing the homeowner of drugs they believed to be inside.

A fourth suspect, who police said waited outside the residence, was arrested a month later and told police the men entered with an unloaded pistol. The homeowner shot one of the intruders, then accidentally shot himself in the leg while fleeing out a window, according to police.

The suspect later died at Washington Regional Medical Center. The homeowner was treated for relatively superficial injuries, said Sgt. Craig Stout with the Fayetteville Police Department.

Tanner Montgomery who now lives in the home says he feels safe living in the neighborhood.

"I feel perfectly fine. I think it was a totally isolated event from what I heard, but everybody feels extrememly safe around the area, I think people understood the situation."

With one suspect dead and two in custody, one suspect remains at large, Stout said.

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