Benton County: Microburst Hits, Events Cancelled

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Strong winds pushed through the area around 2 p.m. Friday and a microburst struck in Bethel Heights and Lowell.

“Kind of like pressure pushing down on you, I didn't notice twisting or anything just some severe winds. It wasn't really on the ground,” said Bethel Heights Mayor Jeff Hutcheson.

Two storage buildings at Derksen Buildings flipped and rolled across Highway 71 in Bethel Heights.

“That’s no small feat, that one weighs about 8,000 pounds,” added Hutcheson.

Power lines were downed at Highways 71 and 264, knocking out electricity to several homes. Crews were out restoring lines shortly after.

Then dark clouds came into Benton County.

“It was crazy. It was like dark rolling clouds coming in, I was freaking out. I was hoping that a tornado wouldn't come,” said Faith Lopez, who was out to enjoy First Friday celebrations at the Bentonville square.

Ultimately, First Friday celebrations at the Bentonville square were halted and cancelled.

“It was scary looking. We were in hopes earlier that it wasn't going to come until about 8 p.m. and then we were watching and watching. We took one unit down, closed the awnings and get everybody safe,” said Jerry Carsten, vendor at First Friday.

No damage was reported on the square and even though activities were cut short, vendors say they`ll be back.

“It's such a great festival all year long, it's bound to happen so, this is our weekend,” added Carsten.

And some are just happy to see the rain.

“Yes rain, love rain, I`m going to sleep good tonight,” said Lopez.

No injuries were reported in the area.