Three New Sports Facilities for UA Campus

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Several construction projects are in the works at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. And today the Board of Trustees approved three more projects.

The board approved a Student-Athlete Success Center, a basketball practice facility and a baseball and track indoor training facility.

“There’s always something being done whether it’s the sidewalks, the Senior Walk, and building new parking garages," a university alumni said.

“I graduated in 2007 and it all looks different now," another said.

A good part of the construction on campus is for athletics, but academics area also in play.

A new classroom and laboratory building is also planned, pending approval by the board when it continues its meeting Saturday in Little Rock.

“This is a facility that’s going to be available to all our students as well as our faculty, and it will be financed in a way that comes from our athletic success,” said John Diamond, UA Associate Vice Chancellor for University Relations.

The three athletic projects could be up and running in the next few years. They are part of the Athletic Facilities Master Plan designed by the university to keep their facilities competitive with other schools in the SEC.

“We are pleased to be moving forward with these important projects as part of the second phase of the Athletic Facilities Master Plan,” Vice Chancellor and Director of Athletics Jeff Long said in a press release. “The student-athlete success center and basketball practice facility will help us match the facilities of competing institutions, while our baseball and track indoor training facility will help us lead the national trend."

The projects will be funded entirely by athletic revenues, gifts, and bond proceeds from a future bond issue, according to the press release. No university money will be required to complete the projects.