Storms Down Power Lines, Trees in River Valley

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Strong storms downed power lines and snapped trees in the River Valley Friday night.

Heavy rain soaked streets in Arkoma. Strong wind knocked over a tree on Main Street.

“When the storm came through the wind started up,” said Officer John Buszek, with the Arkoma Police Department. “I was coming Northbound and the tree came down right in front of me.”

Buszek says the tree almost landed on his patrol car. “Well I went down turned around and came back. I knew I had to get it out of the road,” he said.

Crews worked to clear Main Street as the traffic dropped down to one lane.

In Pocola police had to direct traffic after the storm knocked out power.

“We came to get something to drink up here and we went in and of course the store has no power,” said Laci Pipkins.

Heavy wind downed power lines on Love Street in Pocola. City crews shut down the road while the utility company repaired the damage. Eyewitnesses say the storm did not last long.

“The wind came. It lasted probably 15 minutes and you know the real heavy stuff and then it was kind of gone,” said Pipkins.

In Fort Smith an officer blocked a downed power line on Towson.