Mixed Feelings From Hogs Fans the Day After

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Arkansas Razorback fans have mixed reactions about moving forward after Saturday night’s disappointing loss to ULM.

The Warhawks defeated the Hogs 34-31 in overtime at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock. Now, Arkansas is facing the No. 1 ranked Alabama in Fayetteville on Sat., Sept. 15.

5NEWS Reporter Jocelyne Pruna was at Dickson Street on Sunday getting feedback from fans.

Derec Stubbs, who’s been a Razorback fan since he was a small child, said, “things are looking bad.”

Brigid Thames said she became a Hog fan since she moved to the region 14 years ago.

“Just keep the faith that they are going to do it,” Thames said.

The Razorback defense is the big concern moving forward.

“They just need to pull it together as a team now. Bind to Paul Hanes’ philosophy [of] bending a little bit but don’t be breaking is what we say and it’s what we like,” said Tony Cullum, who’s been a Razorback fan for two decades.

Some die-hard Hog fans call Saturday’s 34-31 loss a “wake up call.”

“We are not ranked anymore and we’re probably not going to be because we are probably going to lose to Alabama,” Derec Stubbs said.

Other fans such as Robin Cowan are more optimistic.

“They are a strong group of young men and I think they can pull out of it. This is just a little set back maybe, but they will just work harder,” Cowan said.

The injured players were on the minds of many.

“Keeping them in our thoughts and prayers that they’ll get better and be able to play either next season or later on this year,” Brigid Thames said.

Those who bleed Razorback red said this is a test to find out what the football Hogs are made of.

“Either they are going to be able to pick themselves up and not point the accusatory finger at one another and realize that now it’s the time to come together and make it happen,” Tony Cullum said.

Alabama is a huge game and many said they will just have to wait and see if victory or defeat is in the near future.

“If we do good — awesome; but if not, let’s enjoy some Hog football,” Joshua Brinker said.

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