Allstate Encourages Bentonville High School Students to not Text and Drive

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Allstate started a foundation in 2005 to help prevent deaths among teen drivers.   

This year, Allstate asked students at Bentonville High to sign a pledge, promising ''not'' text and drive.

"Our purpose here is to educate. Try to help kids understand that texting can degrade their driving as much as having sefveral beers. A four second text is like driving the length of a football field blind," said Dan Cheek from Allstate.

It's a problem that Bentonville based knows all too well.

They roll with hidden cameras that capture the danger for the world to see online.

It's not just catching the teens, but making the entire family realize that texting and driving can kill.

"We see just as many teens as adults. What we're finding is the parents and the adults around the children really influence their behavior," said Angela Hines with textface.

 So Mom and Dad, if you're texting and driving, try to set a better example.

The kids at Bentonville High are on board, and Allstate is hoping that other schools and families will follow suit.

Each kid leaves a blue thumb print, and they receive a thumb band.

It's meant to remind the driver to not take their lives for granted and to respect the lives of the other drivers in their path.

Allstate wants to leave all drivers in good hands on the steering wheel and not on the phone.

So take the pledge and save a life.

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