Fayetteville Woman Remembers Sister Killed on 9/11

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It was 11 years ago Tuesday, Alyson Low, of Fayetteville, got the call saying her sister, Sara Low, was among the nearly 3,000 killed in a New York terrorist attack.

Sara was on American Airlines flight 11. That plane, was one of four hijacked by terrorists and one of two flown into the World Trade Center.

"When I heard from my dad at 12:30-12:40 I just collapsed on the floor," Low said.

Shortly after hearing the initial news of the attack, Low's family contacted American Airlines.

"American Airlines had looked at the wrong list,” Low said. “They looked at the passenger list first and then they told us that she wasn't on the flight and so for a little while we were actually celebrating. It just became a waiting game at that point, we were thinking that maybe she had landed and we were just going to get a phone call from her."

Sara was just 28-years-old and had been working as an American Airlines Flight attendant for two and a half years.

Low said her sister is best remembered as someone who could light up an entire room with her smile.

"She was very funny, very witty, smart, loved to go out and have a good time, she loved to dance, she loved to laugh, she's known for her pretty smile,” Low said.

Every year, on September 11, Low visits the World Trade Center Memorial in New York. She said her time there has helped to heal the pain but she still thinks about her sister every day.

"If I could say one thing to her, I love you and I miss you," Low said.

Low told 5NEWS that up until the time of the crash, Sara was sending out descriptions of the attacker as well as other information about the hijacking that later helped officials identify those involved.

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