UA Students Camp out in Rain For Razorback Game

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Rain didn't keep soggy hog fans from camping outside of Razorback Stadium for Saturday’s game against Alabama.

“There's no game bigger whenever you are hosting the number one team, you got to do what you got to do to get front row,” says Chris Cole.

Most of them camped out since Thursday.

“We got out here last night when it started, we had some people out here earlier yesterday afternoon to wait across the street to come over and we did this all last year but it never rained so this is a new experience for us," says Brendan Oman.

But as they dealt with a steady downfall most of the day, they did it with hog pride.

“It's a lot of fun, it's definitely worth it, this is a great experience to be out here with all the other students, we are all showing our support for the team and ready to beat Alabama," says Andrew Dominick

“It's worth it because I love my Razorbacks and I believe we need to be Razorback supportive of the team and this is a good way to show our support," adds Dennis Burchette.

“It's a great experience and sharing it with friends so it's worth it," says Karly Brooks.

“It will be more worth it when we win,” adds Rachel Bronson.

Thursday night, Razorback football players showed their support for the fans who are camping out.

“The football players delivered pizza to us, it was to cool to see that they're supporting us and that we are going through all of this to support them, it was really cool to see them come out here and do that for us," says Jackson Pruce.

“It was great to see them out and showing that they are appreciation for us as well as we are supporting them,” adds Burchette.

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