Prairie Grove Students Perform Environmental Music Video

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“Down the drain, we only want rain,” The theme song to an environmental music video for The Illinois River Watershed Partnership.

It’s performed by a group of Prairie Grove Middle School students that will soon air Fayetteville’s public access television.

“Help raise awareness about that if you litter, pour gas, fertilizer or oil it will eventually find its way into our water sources,” says 8th Grader Phillip Graves.

“Promoting healthy treatment of our environment, picking up trash recycling,” says Tracie Ashley Middle School EAST teacher.

The ten students are part of a program that requires work outside of the classroom.

“This class is community service based, there’s no textbooks, there’s no tests, their exams are working with the public,” adds Ashley.

Ashley says there’s not a better way for students to learn, than to actually have them do what you’re teaching.

“When you try to talk about environmental conservation and you actually have them play the role. Like adopting a highway, or adopting a stream or making sure there campus is clean, they don’t forget stuff like that.”

The catchy tune serves as a reminder not to litter and students hope it will catch on with others as well.

“I’ll be walking around singing it,” says Graves.

“To get used to doing that and it made it a lot easier,” adds Cassidi Sapp.