Decatur Football on the Rise

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Due to extreme financial distress and low participation numbers, Decatur High School was forced to cut their football program a little over two years ago.  Since then they have reinstated the program, and hired 30 year coaching veteran Shane Holland out of Oklahoma to turn the program around.

When I came in here I saw a place that wasn’t very impressive to look at.” Holland said of his first thoughts of Decatur.  “I thought, what have I gotten myself into.  But we’ve been here for a year now and I think we have things going on the right track.”

Coach Holland accepted the tough challenge of trying to turn around a struggling football team and right from the start he began to make a positive change.

“Moving forward from where we were we had to believe we could compete.” Stated Holland.  “We go into this year with great numbers and our kids go out and they expect to compete and they expect to win which is a complete difference from a year ago."

In Holland’s first year as head coach the team had a goal of winning one game.  This year they have much higher goals.

“We’ve set a goal of trying to get into the playoffs.” Holland said of his team.  “It’s been close to 15 years since Decatur has been in the playoffs.  So we set that goal and we think that is a very realistic goal.”

Decatur has their first home game of the season next Friday.  Coach Holland and his team are looking forward to showing the student and fans of Decatur their new and improved football team.

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