Local Town Concerned About Its Post Office

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The small, local town of Huntington is worried it could lose its post office after surveys came in their mailboxes this week.

The surveys ask questions about different options the Postal Service is considering, including closing the post office, reducing hours, offering a rural delivery route or contracting through another business in town. which would agree to offer mailing services.

Several people in Huntington told 5NEWS that it is crucial the post office stays open.

"I've lived here all of my life and you know [the post office] is the only good thing that the town has going for it," explained Debbie Slankard, who lives and works in Huntington.

Another woman who works in Huntington, Terri Newman, agreed, saying the town relies on the post office.

"The older generation, they depend on this post office," Newman said. "A lot of the depend on the postman to make sure they get their mail at the door, make sure their PO Boxes are safe, everything they have over there is safe and if they can't get over there, that they have time. This is an older community. And they really need for this post office to stay open."

The Huntington Post Office manager told 5NEWS that there are no immediate plans to close the post office, and that the surveys were just sent out to make sure the post office is meeting the needs of the community.

The surveys are due back by Oct. 9.

Once the surveys have been collected, the post office plans to hold a meeting at city hall. At the meeting, people can ask questions and will learn what's next for their post office.

Currently, that meeting is scheduled for Oct. 23 at 5:30.

If you live in Huntington and have not received a survey in the mail, you can pick one up at the post office.


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