Bird’s-Eye View of Bikes, Blues and BBQ

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On street level the roads are packed with motorcycles, but from a bird’s-eye view you can see just how many people are taking part in Bikes, Blues and Barbeque.

“It looks really good, Dickson street is lined up and it`s amazing to see the off streets are lined up with motorcycles as well, they are just everywhere,” says Charlie Crumpton, Owner of Crumpton Aviation from Tulsa.

“It really gives you an idea of how many people are really here, it was really cool,” says Prickett.

Over at Baum Stadium you can take a ride in the sky, Crumpton Aviation has two helicopters giving people a unique view of the rally.

Some looking down at all the people and bikes at the rally looked like ants.

“The motorcycles looked like ants and when you flew over it everything it looked like it was flat until you hovered over it and you got to see the side of the building,” says Dylan Prickett.

It was 8-year-ol d Dylan Prickett’s first time in a helicopter and he says he only got scared once which was his favorite part.

“When we were full throttle forward because you were tipping all the way forward,” adds Prickett.

This is Crumpton Aviation’s fifth year at the rally and they say they`ll be back again next year.

You can catch at ride at Baum Stadium this weekend for $40 a person.

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