Blow Dart Shooter on the Loose

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Rogers police are looking for the person responsible for shooting two women with blow gun darts.

Leigh-Ann Archuleta, 19, went to the hospital last Friday after someone shot her in the neck with a dart.

“It magically missed everything,” said Archuleta. “It went just through skin on the front of my neck.”

Lynn Rollins lives next door to Archuleta. “It's violent and I don't know if it's a joke or what, but it's not funny,” she said.

Police say Archuleta was outside her house on Olive Street in Rogers, a car passed by, eyewitnesses heard a loud pop, and immediately afterwards Archuleta realized she’d been hit.

“After they realized what it was they cleaned out the wound and took it out,” said Archuleta.

Rogers police say the second dart shooting happened at Kohl’s on Wednesday. Investigators say a lady was hit in the back after walking in the crosswalk.

“We’re checking all videos for the store, talking to witnesses,” said Keith Foster, public information officer for the Rogers Police Department.

Police believe the shooter in both instances used a blow gun.

“You can find them at the internet, probably different stores,” said Foster.

Investigators are looking for a white or beige passenger car, darts, the blow gun, and anyone with information. “Stupid kids doing stupid stuff,” said Archuleta.

Police say the darts did not have poison in them.

If you can help police with the case call Northwest Arkansas Crimestoppers at 790-TIPS.

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