Two Motorcycles Tumble, No Serious Injuries In Another I-540 Crash

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Emergency crews responded to another motorcycle crash on Interstate 540 Friday night, receiving a call a man was bleeding.

Springdale Emergency Medical Services responded to the wreck at about 8:20 p.m. A man crashed his motorcycle on the northbound off-ramp at the Elm Springs exit on the interstate in Springdale.

The man was with a group of other riders when he became unable to see because of rain on his glasses. He swerved into a fellow motorcyclists, tumbling over both vehicles, according to Arkansas State Police.

The man’s injuries were not severe, and he was not hospitalized.

This is the third motorcycle crash of the day that involves at least a minor injury. A man was flown to a Springfield, Mo., hospital Friday morning in critical condition after his face collided with the back of a flatbed pickup truck.

Another motorcycle crash late Friday afternoon hospitalized a woman with unspecified injuries.