Smart911 Provides Police Life-Saving Information

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River Valley police have launched a new system, called Smart911, which will help them provide more efficient emergency response. 

The Smart911 system is geared for cell phone users who call in and for some reason, aren't able to give dispatchers the information they need.

Fort Smith Police began using the system this week and are encouraging people to register for the new Smart911 system online where they can create a user profile, detailing both personal and medical information. 

You can include information about your past medical history, allergies, directions to your home, even a photo of yourself so police are better able to find you if they ever need to.

"When you call from your home phone, we see your name, phone number and address on our screens. But with a cell phone, you dial 911 and the information we receive is basically your phone number, the cell phone carrier, and an approximate location," Sgt. Daniel Grubbs, with Fort Smith Police, said.

If you're unable to tell police the information they need to know, they have to go through your cell phone provider.

"Sure, we can ping your phone. And we have had to do that in the past. But, in an emergency situation, we don't have time to mess with all of that. We need to get to you as fast as possible," said Sgt. Grubbs.

The information provided only shows up to 911 dispatchers if you ever call in an emergency.

"The less time it takes us to respond and get to you the better chance we have of getting you that medical assistance or getting to your house and stopping someone from getting in," Fort Smith Police dispatcher John Layne said.

The service is free of charge, and something police say could one day save your life.

To register for Smart911, CLICK HERE.

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