Sports Blog: Everyone Loves the Circus, Right?

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Who doesn’t love the circus?

Everyone likes to see the bright lights. The big performances. The clowns.

Everyone loves the circus until your favorite team turns into one. Unfortunately, for Razorbacks fans, that is exactly what has happened at the University of Arkansas.

The main attraction is there. Fans flock to the stadium to see the Hogs play, more specifically they want to see Tyler Wilson play. No matter what happens the rest of the show, Arkansas fans will continue to support the Hogs offense.

Loyal patrons will come from far and wide to see a potential NFL draft pick lead his team onto the field.

Like every circus, the Razorbacks have plenty of side shows. Naturally the Bobby Petrino charade was the biggest side show of all. But more recently the defensive woes have become a side show. The questions all week haven’t been if the defense gets better but rather if they can even give Arkansas a chance to win.

Cobi Hamilton was the act that some thought would be fun to watch and then walked out being blown away. Hamilton broke both an Arkansas and a SEC record with 303 yards receiving last week against Rutgers. He wowed the crowds with spectacular tricks (plays) and the last (80-yard touchdown catch) was better than them all. He ended on a high note. Will there be an encore performance?

Every circus takes their act on the road and Arkansas is doing just that this week for the first time. Well, the first “road” game not in the state of Arkansas at least.

Maybe a change of scenery is what the doctor (insert mental picture of a mini car with 11 doctors filing out of) ordered. Maybe the distraction away from the Arkansas expectations will benefit the Razorbacks.

This season truly became a circus act.

But what circus is complete without a clown.

You know, the main act that encourages everyone to smile.

Everything is fun and games until the main act forgets what town he is in that night. Like calling the entire state of Arkansas, “Alabama.”

Yeah, that pushed John L. Smith into clown status. If you don’t know the name of the state (or school) that you’ve called home the last four years, it’s probably time to retire your act.

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