Women Sue Shampoo Company, Say Product ‘Melted’ Their Hair

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Tonja Millet says the image on the left is her hair before using a "smoothing kit" from Suave. The image on the right, she says, is her hair after the treatment.

Will C. Holden, KDVR reporting

A lawsuit has been filed by 14 women against a shampoo maker. They are claiming one of the company’s products did permanent damage to their hair.

The “Keratin Infusion 30 day Smoothing Kit” from Suave Professionals was advertised as a tool to make frizzy hair more manageable. But one of the women in the lawsuit said it did the opposite — melting her hair and leaving her with bald spots.

That woman is Tonja Millet of Midlothian, Texas, and she spoke with WFAA earlier this week.

“My hair was sticky after using it,” Millet said. “I couldn’t comb my hair. It felt like sandpaper. It was just awful.”

Millet said she called the product’s consumer hotline to complain, and was told she had likely used the product incorrectly. A few days later, she went to her salon, where her stylist told her her hair had been “chemically melted.”

“So that day we cut off 10 inches,” Millet said.

Unilever, the owner of Suave, has since taken the product off the market.

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