Driver Cited For Careless Driving, Child Injured

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Courtesy: Whitney Bynum

A child’s foot was run over outside Albert Pike Elementary School in Fort Smith Tuesday morning.

Police were dispatched to an injury accident at 4111 Park Avenue. Sgt. Daniel Grubbs said it happened around 8 a.m. at the drop-off line outside the school. A six-year-old child was getting out of his parent’s car when that car was rear-ended by Charles Ware III.

Sgt. Grubbs said Ware told Police on scene his foot slipped off the brake. When Ware’s car rear-ended the car in front of his, the jolt and impact caused the car to roll over the six-year-old’s foot.

The child was taken to Spark’s hospital to get it looked at, however Police say the child was walking on his foot before he left for the hospital. Sgt. Grubbs says Ware was cited for careless driving and expired insurance.