Filing: Razorbacks Coach’s Debt Now at $40.7 Million

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John L. Smith claimed more debt on amended bankruptcy documents Wednesday. The filing also shows the Razorbacks coach has more assets since originally filing for bankruptcy in September.

Smith is $40.7 million in debt, up from the original filing of $25.7 million.

The amended filing now shows Smith owes $15 million to Branch Banking and Trust, tied to real estate investment in Louisville, Ky. Also added is $10,810.43 owed to American Express, according to federal bankruptcy documents.

Smith owes several banks and trusts, but only two other debts top $1 million. Smith owes real estate organization Terra Springs $20 million. He is also in debt $2 million to Republic Bank in Louisville, the documents show.

Besides increased debt, the bankruptcy adjustments also show Smith with more personal money, as Smith cashed in on assets such as a life insurance policy and stocks options.

The coach had claimed $300 cash on-hand and $500 in his bank account. Amended documents show Smith with $300 cash and $22,011.98 in his bank account.

Smith also shows about $1.3 million in property assets—$1.3 million from personal property and $2,000 from his deceased parents’ property.

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