Four Arkansas Residents Accused of Transporting PCP

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Four Arkansas residents are facing drug charges after an arrest in Arizona.

According to the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office, Christopher Kelly, 19, of Hot Springs, Jeramy Sanders,  27, of Wrightsville, Jeremy Ford, 27, of Little Rock, and Kimberly Brown, 22, also of Little Rock were all arrested during a traffic stop October 1 for Transportation and Sales of a Dangerous Drug.

A Navajo County Sheriff’s Deputiy stopped the four in a white 2012 Nissan SUV rental vehicle, traveling on Interstate 40, near Holbrook, for a traffic violation.  Deputies say they became suspicious after the occupants of the car gave conflicting stories.  After giving consent to search the vehicle, authorities say a drug-sniffing canine found illegal drugs inside a gas can in the SUV.

Detectives, using a field drug detection kit, preliminarily identified Phencyclidine (PCP) mixed in an  unknown petroleum based liquid.

Navajo County Sheriff’s say 11 lbs. of PCP were mixed into the gas can.

Deputies say that amount of PCP sells for an estimated $100,000 on the street.

A Department of Public Safety chemist took samples of the liquid and determined it contained PCP and unknown petroleum products.

A DPS Explosive Ordinance Disposal Team and Hazardous Material Team removed the liquid and container, to a safe location.  Using a small explosive device the liquid was destroyed. Deputies say, the DPS HazMat team also monitored air quality prior to, during, and after the destruction.

PCP, a hallucinogen, is a highly addictive synthetic drug, that when mixed with petroleum based liquid, becomes an unstable mixture of chemicals.

Ford, Kelley, Sanders and Brown already had a hearing in a Holbrook Arizona Justice Courtroom. 

The four are each are being held in Arizona on a $25,000 bond.

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