Keeping Our Parks Clean, On the Keep It Local Tour

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Here in Arkansas, we are blessed with some of the most beautiful parks and rivers, but it takes hard work to keep the place clean and green.

This weekend, October 6, at Withrow Springs State Park, your help is needed to keep Arkansas beautiful.

The Arkansas State Park and the Beaver Lake Watershed Alliance will lead the cleanup of the War Eagle Creek.

Park Interpreter Natalie Casey says cleaning up just a little, can go a long way.

"This year we've expanded the clean up to War Eagle Creek. That gives people a chance to get out and see the creek and make a difference," Casey said.

The Beaver Lake Watershed Alliance wants people to realize that any trash that winds up in War Eagle Creek flows into Beaver Lake; in other words, our drinking water.

"Our mission is to enhance and sustain water quality at Beaver Lake and the integrity of it's watershed which includes all of the tributaries into the lake," Jason L. Kindall, with the Beaver Lake Watershed Alliance said.

If you'd like to take part in the clean-up effort, show up at the Withrow Springs State Park main office at 1 p.m. October 6.

Newcomers will learn more about the park, the War Eagle Creek, and how it all ties into our drinking water.

Water officials say the summer drought could make clean-up easier than in years past.

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