Eyewitness Saw Teen Get Hit by Bus

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Josh Massey, 29, witnessed 17-year old Megan Zandra Davis get struck by a school bus on October 4 in Bentonville.

“It’s one of the most horrifying incidents I’ve ever witnessed,” Massey said.

Megan Zandra Davis is in serious condition in Mercy Hospital in Springfield, Missouri.

She was on the crosswalk on P and 14th street right after school. Bentonville police said the school bus driver had a green light at the time of the accident. However, Massey said that’s not the case.

"The light was red and I know because I was stopped and I had to pull my truck over into the turning lane to go and assist her,” Massey said.

“I just want justice for Megan and her family. I feel like that's what they deserve," he said.

Chief of Police Jon Simpson said they aren't blaming anyone since the investigation is ongoing.

"The public in general needs to let us finish our investigation," Simpson said.

"No one is being untruthful. There are factors that we haven't disclosed because it's an ongoing investigation," Simpson said.

Simpson said the department isn't releasing the 911 recordings.

Massey said Davis flew in the fetal position landing 10 feet from his truck.

“I can tell she had an IPOD in her ear when she was crossing the road because it was laying directly in front of the bus and so were her shoes,” Massey said.

“The bus hit her so hard, it knocked her out of her shoes," he said.

Massey said he was the first one to get to Davis who was unconscious and the one that called 911.

Massey said the bus driver was at a standstill.

"She was just sitting in the bus, shocked. I kept looking up at the bus driver,” he said. “She was in tears, emotional, distraught."

Massey said he's upset and doesn't believe the teen is to blame.

"It wasn't Megan's fault. She was crossing the street just like any other person would cross the street, using a crosswalk button, especially in that intersection," Massey said.

 The teen's father Tom Davis said his daughter's recovery can take years.