A Youthful Group of Hogs

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The Arkansas Women's Soccer team has 24 freshman and sophomores on their 34 member roster.  Under first year Head Coach Colby Hale the young team has seen some success and the future is looking bright.

"We don’t expect them to play like freshman and sophomores" Said Head Coach Colby Hale. "I don’t think they act like freshman and sophomores.  While it bodes well for the future we don’t really address it.  They are good players, they are working their tails off and we are super proud of them."

Playing in the SEC, one of the best women’s soccer conferences in the country, can be challenging especially for a young team.  This team has stepped up to the challenge and have won some big games over SEC Schools.  Last Saturday they knocked off Auburn for the first time since 2000 and earlier in the season they beat Kentucky who was ranked 18th in the nation at the time.  With all the youth on the team it was important for the two seniors to step up and prepare them for a demanding schedule.

"It really wasn’t hard getting these girls to step and play because they all have the desire to win and they want to be here." Said Senior Forward Allie Chandler.  "Giving them advice on the field is all we need to do because they are here and ready."

The underclassmen have definitely stepped up to the challenge and have taken the responsibilities that the coaching staff has set forth for them. 

"We definitely have grown a lot." Said Sophomore Defender Allie Trip.  "It’s been a lot of them telling us that we can’t play like freshman and sophomores.  I think we have really taken that and run with it.  We are all really happy with how much we have grown as a team."

Throughout the season the team has had a motto of not looking ahead, rather they play in the moment. 

"One thing we talk about is taking it one game at a time." Said Coach Hale.  "We don’t get ahead of ourselves, we don’t get too up with a big win, and we don’t get too down with a loss."

The team has three conference games remaining on the schedule and are hoping to make the SEC tournament which starts on October 31st

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