After Hitting Teen, Bus Driver Can Return to Work, District Says

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The Bentonville Police Department says the driver whose bus hit Megan Zandra Davis was distracted, but not at fault.

The bus driver, 60-year-old Lisa Fitzner, can now come back to work, if she's willing.

Fitzner has been on paid administrative leave since the bus she was driving struck a 17-year-old high school student in Bentonville on Oct. 4.

Megan Zandra Davis, 17, is hospitalized in serious condition at Mercy Hospital in Springfield, Mo.

 "We are having talks and discussions with her about what time of role she might be within the district. It may not be to be a driver. Maybe it's something else, maybe it's an aide or some other support," said Superintendent Michael Poore. "Whether you are at fault or not at fault in an accident going through something like that, it had to be traumatic for her."

The Bentonville School District released a report saying Fitzner was driving at 47 miles per hour when the incident occurred.

The report also states that Fitzner was distracted by a student, but police said that didn't play a role in the accident.

Poore said the police had several other law enforcement agencies help in the reconstruction of the accident.

“The police report felt that that was not a contributing factor that it did not distract her enough to be a factor in terms of hitting the young lady," says Poore.

Poore says there will not be new policies put in place after the accident, but bus drivers do go through training every year and are required to take physicals annually.

“We have systems built on our buses that allow us to monitor the speed of the bus. That's a good feature we would love to the opportunity to have more video cams on the buses," he said. "We do not have them on all of our buses right now."

Poore said this bus was not equipped with a camera because there's not enough money to put a camera on every bus.

The Bentonville Police Department released a report Tuesday saying it had concluded the investigation into the bus accident, and the driver had a green light at the time of the collision.

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