Fayetteville Pastor to Spend Week in Construction Highlift

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Once a family learns that their child has special needs, their life can turn upside down. Everything seems to be “up in the air”.

Through all the sadness and stress many families don't know where to turn, but one local pastor is going to great lengths to help them out.

Tony Harrison is a children's pastor at Christian Life Cathedral in Fayetteville.  All next week he'll be living in a construction lift high above the parking lot at Lokomotion.

It's an effort to help families with special needs children who are ''up in the air'' with no place to run.  Tony says the event is a fundraising and awareness event.  The plan is to raise $50,000 to fund a phone app designed to elevate the chances of getting families the help they need in a more timely fashion.

To raise the funds tony is spending the week in an uncomfortable position high in the sky to gather donations for the app to get created.

The app will be called the connections project, according to Tony.  He says it will be used to connect families with the resources they need

Even if it gets cold, rains, or snows Tony is staying up there.  He says he plans to stay up there to ensure they get the support they need.

“We're looking for business, corporations, community leaders to partner with us. It's going to be an event that shows that our community values families with special needs. But is also shows those families. Man, we've got people who support us,” said Tony.

Tony goes up in the air on Sunday, October 21, and won't come down until Saturday night, October 27.

Those wanting to help out can stop by Lokomotion throughout the week, and donate to the cause.

You can follow Tony’s journey on Facebook by clicking here.

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