Haunted Arkansas: Gravity Hill

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In Dyer, Arkansas at the corner of Ridge Road and Melody Lane you’ll find out why few who travel this road leave their car doors locked at all times.

The area has come to be known as “Gravity Hill”, it’s an overpass that goes over Interstate 40 with a frightening sight.

Cars can stop at any part of the hill and suddenly it will appear as if your car is rolling backwards uphill, almost as if a ghost is pushing it backwards. 

One local legend says the cars are being behind by the ghosts of an old football team that crashed on I-40 many years ago, while another rumor claims the ghost pushing the car is Susan Alamo.

Gravity Hill isn’t located far from the old Alamo compound.

The tale is one officers with the Dyer Police Department are quite familiar with.  Michael Buckingham with the Dyer Police Department says the road is a common stop for those looking for a Halloween-time thrill. 

Those wanting to test the rumor will often put flour on their car hoping to see the ghostly hand-print pushing their car away.

Whether onlookers are seeing an optical illusion or in fact a haunted road, it’s abundantly clear there’s something very strange about Gravity Hill.