Huntington Community Fights to Keep Post Office

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People in Huntington gathered Tuesday night to try and save their local post office.

“It's convenient to be able to come here any time you want to get your mail,” said Keith Campbell, of Huntington.

Campbell depends on the post office. “Our payments for our utilities we get here,” he said. “Without the post office we'd be lost.”

Tuesday night the town met with representatives with the United States Postal Service to try and convince them the Huntington facility needs to stay open.

“A lot of people, the older people especially gather up here in the mornings and talk about everything that's happening in the town,” said Sue Turner, of Huntington.

The postal service surveyed people in town. They have talked about reducing hours from eight hours to six hours. Not everyone is happy about it.

“People get off work you know different times they want to stop get their money orders, pay their bills,” said Campbell.

Others are pleased as long as the post office stays open. “We're gonna have our hours cut, but we do keep our post office and that's the main thing,” said Turner.

There is another post office in Mansfield about two miles away. The Midland post office is about six miles away. People do not want to make the drive.

“It's important,” said Campbell. “The post office means a lot to us out here. If they need to shut one down find one of the big ones in the city.”

The postal service says it will take into account information from Tuesday night’s meeting before making a final decision.