5NEWS Fit: G-Fit

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5NEWS AM is introducing you to a new segment called 5NEWS Fit. We’ll be learning quick workout tips and healthy eating habits from personal trainer Gabby Mooney with G-Fit in Van Buren. We’re also getting outdoors to find fun ways to get toned.

Mooney is the owner/creator of G-Fit, a workout program exploding across the area.

"G-Fit just kind of happened by accident,” said Mooney. “I had 20 girls and expected it for a month.”

Megan Whitlock heard about the program on Facebook, now she's hooked.

"I put on my goal sheet that if Gabby could get me to lose five more pounds, she was going to be my hero, and she got me to lose 18, and completely transformed my body,” said Whitlock.

Whitlock watched as G-Fit caught like wildfire, just by word of mouth. She’s now one of Mooney’s trainers.

"I started in April,” said Whitlock.  There were only about 20 girls and then we all had huge results, and our second month we had 80 girls and the next month we had over 200.”

The classes keep getting bigger. Gabby often loses her voice after a workout from shouting words of encouragement. Something she requires every person in class to do. Each workout the girls shout a phrase to boost their confidence.

“I am strong,” said Mooney. “I am beautiful. I am more than what people say I am.”

Her grilling workout routines change every day, but Mooney isn’t just focused on physical training. She says counting calories is fine, but it can drive a girl crazy. To go along with the workout, she also implements a food plan.

"It's not like any other workout you've done,” said Whitlock. “She teaches us like how to fuel our bodies with food."

Mooney’s growing popularity is proof just how confident this healthy lifestyle can make you feel.

If you’re a guy, don’t feel out of the loop. A G-Fit Men will soon begin in Fort Smith.

In the upcoming weeks, Mooney will also show us on 5NEWS AM some quick tips to tone up and get healthy.

If you would like more information about the workout classes that are offered, click here.