Haunted Arkansas: The Clayton House

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The Clayton House in Downtown Fort Smith dates back centuries.

It was first built in 1852 and once acted as a hospital for soldiers during the Civil War.

The home's most notable owner, William Clayton, was an attorney appointed to the Western District by President Ulysses S. Grant in 1874.

Today, haunting rumors surround the house.

There is one bedroom on the second floor that many say gives them a creepy feeling.

There have been reports of what sounds like boots stomping, doors slamming, and music coming from other areas of the house.

A former director said she even saw the ghost of a woman in Mr. Clayton's study.

"I saw an apparition of a woman in Mr. Clayton's study one day. She was dressed in a brown skirt and linen shirt, had gray hair which was piled in a bun on top of her head," said Martha Siler.

Visitors have said they felt like they were touched when no one else was around.

One woman even had her hair tugged.

Several paranormal investigators managed to get some recordings of voices in the background of the home.

With such a vibrant history at the Clayton House, it is clear there are plenty of rumors to go around.

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