River Valley Couple Accused Printing Counterfeit Money

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An undercover investigation lead to the arrest of two people in Fort Smith accused of counterfeiting money and trading the fake cash for drugs, police said Wednesday.

Summer Marie Coram, 34, of Fort Smith, and Matthew Lewis Counts, 29, of Muldrow, were arrested on forgery charges Oct. 18, according to a report from Fort Smith police.

Information from a confidential informant sparked the investigation into the couple. Police arranged an undercover meeting with the couple at a hotel located in the 6000 block of Rogers Avenue.

"Summer Coram was the counterfeiter," said Fort Smith Police Det. Barbara Williams. "She was very precise in what she did. She knew what she needed and how to get it. And she knew how to do it. She counterfeited 20s that day."

The couple arrived at the hotel with a scanner and printer and began making the fake money, according to police.

"We waited until she made enough bills and they were in varying degrees of the operation before we went in and shut it down," said Det. Williams.

Coram and Counts were arrested without incident.

The two claimed to have used to counterfeit currency to obtain drugs and buy electronics on Craigslist.

Fort Smith Police are examining counterfeit bills used in the area to see if any were made by Coram. They will continue to investigate the case until federal prosecutors take over.

Both Coram and Counts are currently being held at the Sebastian County Detention Center without bond.