Truck Crash Causes Gas Leak

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Two vehicles were damaged Wednesday night when a large truck ran off the street in Rogers and clipped a gas line.

A white Chevy Tahoe swerved into oncoming traffic on North Second Street while trying to avoid hitting the vehicle in front of it, eyewitnesses said. The Tahoe then collided with a street pole, taking severe damage to the front of the vehicle.

A truck with a heavy haul traveling in the opposite direction attempted to avoid a collision and ran off the street and clipped a gas line while crashing into a fence, according to eyewitness reports given to authorities at the scene.

Gas company technicians were on the scene attempting to fix the gas leak.

The truck sustained damage to the front of the vehicle. It was carrying a flatbed with a  Caterpillar industrial vehicle.

Authorities on scene would not immediately say whether anyone was hurt in the incident.