Haunted Corn Maze Preps for a Spooky Night

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A Northwest Arkansas haunted corn maze will scare those willing to wind through its twists and turns on Halloween night.

As soon as the sun comes down, the cold Halloween breeze will ruffle the corn stock and the Haunted Corn Maze in Cave Springs will open up for a spine-chilling adventure.

Rod Wallis and his wife own the three-acre maze where 20 actors are expected to be in costume roaming through the maze.

"Try to scare you with surprise, sights, sounds and even smells," Wallis said. 

It's a family-fun event and Wallis said parents decide if their kids come in. However, he recommends eight years and older.

"It's a safe place to take kids," he said. 

"We're never going to be the scariest thing people see, but we will be fun scary and people will leave entertained," Wallis said.

There are four fright areas in the haunted corn maze: clowns, aliens, zombies and lumberjacks.

"The younger they are, the easier they are to scare," he said. 

Wallis said sometimes teenage boys will say nothing can scare them.

"But if you walk with them you see them scream, you see them laugh, so they have a good time too," Wallis said.

Wallis said the Ozark Corn Maze is the only haunted outdoor venue in Northwest Arkansas.

"The wind is blowing, you can hear the corn rustling, you brush up against the corn and tomorrow the moon will be out bright. That definitely changes the way it feels," Wallis said.

The Ozark Corn Maze also includes a six-acre family maze that will be open for two more weeks.

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