Man Bloodies Woman’s Face, Threatens To Kill Her With Gun, Police Say

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A Springdale man was arrested and released Monday after police say he held a woman’s face to a truck’s console before holding a gun to her head.

Richard Murr, 27, was arrested Monday on suspicion of aggravated assault, battery and terroristic threatening. He was released from the Washington County Detention Center on $7,500 bond the same day.

A 29-year-old woman told police she and Murr got into an argument. Murr grabbed the woman’s head and forced it down against the truck console and started elbowing her in the head, the woman told police.

She said Murr then pulled out a 9-millimeter pistol and held it against her head, threatening to kill her.

The woman ran from the truck and called police, who noticed her face was bloody, bruised and swollen.

Officers located Murr and arrested him.

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