After 32 Years, TP Game Still a National Hit at John Brown University

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For the 32nd straight year John Brown University is celebrating the basketball season in a way unlike any you'll ever see.

It’s the best technical foul in sports. When the team makes its first basket in the first game of the year, everybody in the stands throws a roll of toilet paper on to the floor. The fans started doing this in the early 80s because they wanted the program to get national recognition. Now the entire country, including media outlets like ESPN, anticipates the event every year, just like the dedicated fans do.

“It definitely builds,” said JBU student Sam Boehning. “The first few minutes of the game are always the longest.”

“When that basket goes in it’s so ridiculous to be standing under the paper as it flies,” said JBU student Josh Manning. “You’re just covered in a dome and everybody is going nuts like they won the lottery.”

This year they didn't have to wait long at all, just 36 seconds into the game. John Brown also went on to win the game against Hillsdale 65-48.