Medical Marijuana Supporters Vow to Get Issue on Ballot Again

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The Medical Marijuana Act did not pass in Arkansas, but supporters say the fight is not over yet.

“Obviously we haven't had a chance to get together to discuss strategy to discuss how we're going forward,” said Emily Williams, a cancer survivor.

The race was tight Tuesday. 49% voted for medical marijuana. 51% voted against it.

“It's time for Arkansans to say we're not gonna do it,” said Williams. “We're going to get this back on the ballot. We're gonna get it passed and we're gonna use it medicinally.”

Williams is a cancer survivor. She smoked marijuana several years ago when she says prescription drugs quit working.

“Today thousands of Arkansas are in the exact same boat they were yesterday who need medical relief,” said Williams. “I'm so offended by that that even if I'm doing it by myself it's not dead.”

Opponents told 5NEWS they were concerned about regulation, and worried people who weren't sick would have access to the drug.

“It is very well written,” said Williams. “It is very tight. It is very regulated. The Department of Health has complete control.”

The proposal passed in Washington, Sebastian, and Pulaski Counties, along with 10 other counties across the state. Williams says she would love to see patients take a stand.

“If you want to come and arrest me do so,” said Williams. “I am using this medicinally. I'd love to see that kind of civil disobedience. I don't think it's gonna happen.”

Williams says the one thing they might tweak next time involves the dispensaries and how far patients have to live from one in order to grow their own marijuana.

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