Benton County Closer to Having Election Results

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The ballots were delivered to the Benton County Election Commission office around 3:30 Thursday afternoon, but there are more ballots that still need to be counted

"There are several ballots that we're going to have to count, because the machines would not read them and we have estimated about 300 to 500 ballots would not go through the machines once we were done,” says Kim Dennison, Benton County Election Coordinator.

Three machines at the Benton County Election Commission all broke down at the same time.

“When the 19 inch ballot started through there, it didn't work right," says Benton County Election Commission Chair, John Brown.

Thursday, more than 10,000 ballots were taken to Washington County to be counted.  Benton County also ran out of paper ballots on Election Day.

Independent, Mark Moore who ran for State Representative District 95, says voters walked away because of the long lines.

“Pea Ridge, my hometown, my home area had just outrageous longer lines then the other places.  My wife, my sick wife stood in line for four hours partly in the cold in order to vote for me,” explains Moore.

Moore conceded his house race to Republican Sue Scott.

Moore says someone should be held responsible for the ballot problems.

“I believe somebody should take responsibility and step down because of this fiasco."

The machines in Benton County have been fixe, but election officials have been working around the clock trying to get everyone’s vote counted.

“Of course my morning started at 4 a.m. Tuesday morning the day of the elections and that time went through 38 hours with only two hours of sleep,” says Dennison.

Election officials say the rest of the results could be posted by Friday morning.

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