Juggling Duo Takes Over Arkansas

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Every Wednesday night from 4-7 at the Yvonne Richardson Community Center a group of jugglers ranging from beginners to experts get together for what is known as the juggling club.

"Most people don't realize that juggling can be this huge social aspect." Said Co-Founder of the Juggling Club Galen Harp. "Once you learn the basic pattern, we can stand across from each other and throw objects back and forth in an infinite amount of patterns."

What most people don't know about juggling is it takes a lot of mental as well as physical endurance.  One hour of juggling is equivalent, calorie burning wise, to playing a half hour of full court basketball.  Like any other sport practice is the key to success with juggling.

"It's really a basic process with learning any skill." Said Ellen Winters Co-Founder of the Juggling Club.  "You start at the beginning, you're not great at it, but you learn it bit by bit until you can do something amazing."

Harp and Winters are not only the founders of the Juggling Club, they are also the founders of the Institute of Jugglology.

"We had similar ideas about studying the history of juggling and performance." Said Winters.  "Juggling is an art, its a sports, its a tradition."

Harp and Winters travel all across the state of Arkansas putting on performances and giving informational seminars.  They also compete in the International Juggling Competition where they placed 2nd last year.  For more information on the duo you can visit http://www.jugglology.com

The club is open to the public and is free of charge.  If you have never juggled before don't hesitate to join, they will teach you everything you need to know.

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