Springdale Church Plans to File Lawsuit Against City

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Victory Church in Springdale has less than 90 days to relocate to make way for an interchange connecting Don Tyson Parkway to interstate 540.

The church has been located at 3598 South 48th Street for 22 years.

Senior Pastor Billy Coffman said there are a lot of mixed emotions.

“We have children asking, what's going to happen to our church?" Coffman said.

The church has received around $2 million to relocate. Coffman said that's less than half the property's worth.

So, they're filing a lawsuit against the city of Springdale.

"What the city has offered to us is not near enough for us to relocate this facility that we have here," Coffman said.

Coffman said he isn't against change or progress.

"The thing that we have said from day one is 'please don't let the blessing of the rest of the area be a curse to us by not taking care of the church,'" Coffman said.

Paul Howard, who has been attending Victory Church for 14 years, said letting go will be difficult.

"Excited about what God has for us in the future but still at the same time with all the uncertainty," said Howard, whose wife has been part of the congregation since the groundbreaking 22 years ago.

"It's very stressful and it's very sad in a lot of way," Coffman said.

The church has found a temporary home at Center Point in Springdale and plans to have its first service on New Year’s Eve.

Coffman said the congregation of about 400 will get through this difficult time together.

"God will help us to have the kind of miracles that it will take to make the move possible," Coffman said.

The deadline to move out of the location on building is February 2013.