Greenland Prepares for Quarterfinals with Thanksgiving Feast

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Greenland Pirates will take the field Friday night for their Quarterfinal playoff game against Prescott.   For the second game in a row they come in as the underdog, but that doesn't faze them one bit.

"This whole season we have played the underdog role and honestly I love it." Said Senior Quarterback Darian Froud. "Nobody gives you a chance and when you do win it shocks everyone.  The shock and awe factor is awesome here at Greenland."

Despite being an underdog to Prescott, the number five team in the state, the pirates will have home field advantage.

"The ability to win the conference gave us the chance to have a home playoff game and once you have home playoffs game it’s a huge advantage." Said Head Coach Lee Larkin. "Hopefully that will equalize the playing field this week."

"It’s always great to have our fans behind us and everyone needs to come out and support us." Said Senior Cornerback Blade Snider.  "Its always a great feeling to play at home."

Earlier in the year Coach Larkin told his players that if they advanced far enough in the playoffs and played after thanksgiving he would help put together a Thanksgiving feast and that's exactly what took place on Thursday.  The players, coaches, and their family members all joined together in the school cafeteria for a special Thanksgiving meal.

"Everyone showed up and brought all the secret ingredients." Said Froud.  "Now we are all getting together, sharing stories and bonding."

"It’s good to be around all your friends and family." Said Snider. "We are thankful for everything we have."

The team looks to become the first Greenland football team to advance to the state semi-finals when they hit the field Friday night at 7:00pm.