Elderly Man Killed Crossing The Street In Springdale

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An elderly pedestrian was killed Thursday night in Springdale when police say he stepped out in front of traffic without the protection of a crosswalk.

A motorist driving a Ford Explorer was traveling northbound on Thompson Street near Searcy Avenue just before 6 p.m. when a light rain began to fall, according to the Springdale Police Department.

The driver did not see 74-year-old Truman Lewis Patterson until it was too late, said Lt. Derek Hudson. Springdale emergency responders rushed to the scene and transported Patterson to Northwest Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

Police took the motorist to the police department and administered a breathalyzer test. The test did not detect any alcohol, and the driver was released, Hudson said.

Hudson does not expect the driver to face any charges.

Investigators were reconstructing the accident scene at the intersection and will continue Friday, Hudson said.

Patterson was at the hospital with his wife, when he likely ran across the street for a drink. He was struck while making his way back to Northwest Medical Center, police said.