Shoppers Camp Out for Thanksgiving Day Sales

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Shoppers lined up outside the Best Buy in Fort Smith to take advantage of the store's Thanksgiving Day sales.

John Wilson's group set up camp on Friday, Nov. 16, and have been a fixture outside the store all week. This is Wilson's fifth year camping outside the store and he has mastered the process.

"We've got TV, PlayStation, a computer," said Wilson. "It's city camping."

Wilson isn't camping out in hopes of getting his hand on anything in particular. He says it's become a tradition among his brothers.

Other shoppers have come to pick up a specific item. Stephanie Williams got in line at 4 a.m. Thursday. She said she's a dancer and will be buying an Xbox Kinect and a Zumba game. She hopes to save over $100 by purchasing a bundle during the Thanksgiving Day sale.

Archie Lewallen wasn't planning to shop at all. He was simply holding his roommate's spot in line while his roommate went to work.

Still, some people can't imagine waiting outside for hours - let alone days - to go shopping.

“I think if they gave me a million dollars I wouldn’t do it," said Chad Nason. "I think it’s crazy.”

When asked if there was a discount worth waiting in line on Thanksgiving Day for, Nason quickly said "No ma'am. I think my family is more important."