Suspect Accused of Threatening President Found near Sallisaw with Bomb Guides, Rifles

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A man accused of making threats against President Barack Obama was arrested by Secret Service agents in Sequoyah County this week, according to Sheriff Ron Lockhart.

Eric Knute Schjenken, 46, of California was found in a mobile home about four miles north of Sallisaw. The suspect was found with books explaining how to make bombs, high powered rifles and a ballistic vest, Lockhart said.

Sequoyah County deputies helped federal agents track the suspect Tuesday, after learning someone in the area was trying to purchase bomb-making material.

Law enforcement finished collecting evidence from the crime scene late Wednesday evening.

Schjenken has a “lengthy criminal history,” Lockhart said. The suspect, who was going by a fake name, had been staying in the area for about two months.

Schjenken was booked into the Sequoyah County Detention Center on multiple charges, including transporting a loaded firearm and obstructing an officer.